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About Us

In an effort to teach my Children and Grand-Children their polynesian heritage, Polynesian Tattoo Jewelry by Domina was founded.  Although my Father was Greek and my Mother was of  Samoan heritage, I feel a strong sense and attachment to my Samoan culture.  I will always remember my Grandfather's "pe'a" and my Great Aunt's "malu".  I could not think of a better way to share the beauty and importance of the polynesian tattoo, than by putting the designs on jewelry.

I would hope that Polynesian Tattoo Jewelry,  would allow others with Polynesian ancestry, preserve their cultures by sharing stories, legends, and adornments with their families.

 Polynesian Tattoo Jewelry has also done tattoo designs of Hawaiian, Tahitian, Tongan, Easter Island and the Maori of New Zealand.




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