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Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth CuffSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Cuff
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth EarringsSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Earrings
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth oid cuffSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth oid cuff
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth PendantSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Pendant
Samoan Mat & Leaf Cuff
Samoan Mat & Leaf EarringsSamoan Mat & Leaf Earrings
Samoan Mat & Leaf PendantSamoan Mat & Leaf Pendant
Samoan Sand & Wave Cuff
Samoan Spear Head & Fish CuffSamoan Spear Head & Fish CuffThe spear head, shark teeth, waves, rafters and many more everyday items are represented by the Samoan tattoo. This piece represents spear heads and a fish.
Samoan Spear Head & Fish EarringsSamoan Spear Head & Fish Earrings
Samoan Spear Head & Fish PendantSamoan Spear Head & Fish Pendant
Samoan Spear Head CuffSamoan Spear Head Cuff
Samoan Spear Head EarringsSamoan Spear Head Earrings
Samoan Spear Head PendantSamoan Spear Head Pendant
Samoan Waves & Rafters CuffSamoan Waves & Rafters Cuff
Samoan Waves & Rafters Earrings
Samoan Waves & Rafters PendantSamoan Waves & Rafters Pendant
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