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To the Samoan's the "tatau" tattoo is sacred and epitomizes the importance of the dressed Samoan body.  The man would receive a "pe'a" which is the word for the fruit bat, whose color resembles the ink used in the "tatau".  The man's "pe'a" is on the entire lower half of his body from the navel to the knees.  The male's designs are representative of his surroundings, spear heads, shark teeth "nifo", sand, waves "sami" and fish. The Samoan woman's tattoo is only from her thighs to her knees and is called a "malu", translated means "protected and sheltered".  Her tattoo depicts images of birds, fish "i'a", shells, fine mats "fala" and other items that surround her every day life. 

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Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth CuffSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Cuff
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth EarringsSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Earrings
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth oid cuffSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth oid cuff
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth PendantSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Pendant
Samoan Mat & Leaf Cuff
Samoan Mat & Leaf PendantSamoan Mat & Leaf Pendant
Samoan Sand & Wave Cuff
Samoan Spear Head & Fish CuffSamoan Spear Head & Fish CuffThe spear head, shark teeth, waves, rafters and many more everyday items are represented by the Samoan tattoo. This piece represents spear heads and a fish.
Samoan Spear Head & Fish EarringsSamoan Spear Head & Fish Earrings
Samoan Spear Head & Fish PendantSamoan Spear Head & Fish Pendant
Samoan Spear Head CuffSamoan Spear Head Cuff
Samoan Spear Head EarringsSamoan Spear Head Earrings
Samoan Spear Head PendantSamoan Spear Head Pendant
Samoan Waves & Rafters CuffSamoan Waves & Rafters Cuff
Samoan Waves & Rafters Earrings
Samoan Waves & Rafters PendantSamoan Waves & Rafters Pendant
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