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Easter Island Head CuffEaster Island Head Cuff
Easter Island Head EarringsEaster Island Head Earrings
Easter Island Head PendantEaster Island Head Pendant
Hawaiian Checker Board CuffHawaiian Checker Board Cuff
Hawaiian Checker Board EarringsHawaiian Checker Board Earrings
Hawaiian Checker Board PendantHawaiian Checker Board Pendant
Hawaiian Fan CuffHawaiian Fan Cuff
Hawaiian Fan Earrings
Hawaiian Fan Pendant
Maori Fern & Waves Cuff
Maori Fern & Waves Earrings
Maori Fern & Waves Pendant
Maori Fern CuffMaori Fern Cuff
Maori Fern EarringsMaori Fern Earrings
Maori Fern PendantMaori Fern Pendant
Maori Spiral Fern CuffMaori Spiral Fern Cuff
Maori Spiral Fern EarringsMaori Spiral Fern Earrings
Maori Spiral Fern PendantMaori Spiral Fern Pendant
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth CuffSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Cuff
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth EarringsSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Earrings
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth oid cuffSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth oid cuff
Samoan Fish & Shark Teeth PendantSamoan Fish & Shark Teeth Pendant
Samoan Mat & Leaf Cuff
Samoan Mat & Leaf EarringsSamoan Mat & Leaf Earrings
Samoan Mat & Leaf PendantSamoan Mat & Leaf Pendant
Samoan Sand & Wave Cuff
Samoan Spear Head & Fish CuffSamoan Spear Head & Fish CuffThe spear head, shark teeth, waves, rafters and many more everyday items are represented by the Samoan tattoo. This piece represents spear heads and a fish.
Samoan Spear Head & Fish EarringsSamoan Spear Head & Fish Earrings
Samoan Spear Head & Fish PendantSamoan Spear Head & Fish Pendant
Samoan Spear Head CuffSamoan Spear Head Cuff
Samoan Spear Head EarringsSamoan Spear Head Earrings
Samoan Spear Head PendantSamoan Spear Head Pendant
Samoan Waves & Rafters CuffSamoan Waves & Rafters Cuff
Samoan Waves & Rafters Earrings
Samoan Waves & Rafters PendantSamoan Waves & Rafters Pendant
Tahitian Circle CuffTahitian Circle Cuff
Tahitian Circle EarringsTahitian Circle Earrings
Tahitian Circle PendantTahitian Circle Pendant
Tongan Spear Head & Rafters CuffTongan Spear Head & Rafters Cuff
Tongan Spear Head & Shark Teeth CuffTongan Spear Head & Shark Teeth Cuff
Tongan Spear Head & Shark Teeth Earrings
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